The Star of the LEDMODEA controllers
The feature rich Ledmodea LM-DE3 has
been designed to provide a control 
solution for the most demanding of
projects which anybody can use.




Integrating a color display and compatibility with Ledmodea computer software and mobile apps, the controller has 
been designed to accept the most challenging projects with ease.
The Ledmodea LM-DE3 can be adapted to any environment. Control dynamic lighting inside a house, bar, office block, 
shopping center, hotel or even a landmark. With 1024 DMX output channels and the ability to store 500 scenes across 
10 zones, the LM-DE3 is one of the best value controllers on the market today.
We wanted to make one of the most powerful DMX controllers in the world, but at the same time we wanted to keep 
it simple to use. The problem with many advanced lighting controllers is the complex monochrome display they often 
use. We decided to include a color screen. The screen clearly displays the scene name, area name, color dimmer and 
speed changes, and best of all it is possible to add your own image for each scene. Settings such as date/time and 
function enabling/disabling can easily be accessed through 
the controllers menu without the need to connect with a computer.
The Ledmodea LM-DE3 featured a groundbreaking touch sensitive interface. We have taken this several 
steps further by improving both sensitivity and accuracy. Our new adaptive cap sense technology 
analyses the surrounding environment and adapts the sensitivity accordingly. We have also managed 
to integrate a larger touch sensitive area into a smaller space. 
The Ledmodea LM-DE3 features 10 buttons and a touch sensitive wheel.
The Ledmodea LM-DE3 includes an integrated ethernet controller. This allows the unit to be programmed 
and controlled over a local network. Program the controller over ethernet using any of our computer 
software packages, or connect with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet to program.
The controller uses a microSD memory card to store all programming made from a computer or 
mobile device. Up to 500 scenes can be stored across 10 zones. This means that you 
can have a different scene playing in 10 rooms of a house, 10 floors of an office block  
or 10 areas of a garden.



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