Thanks to "All-In-One"
technology, the Ledmodea LM-KU1
integrates a high-tech keyboard
and almost unlimited
memory storage to create a
powerful DMX512 lighting controller.


Ledmodea LM-KU1 - a new worldwide standard. This complete stand alone wall-mounted DMX controller is the perfect answer to interior lighting control expectations. Along with a state of the art design, the product comes with amazing features such as 1024 DMX channels, touch sensitive panel, clock/calendar, remote control, Ethernet facilities, and much much more....
Simply screw the LM-KU1 back plate onto a single or double gang wall socket, connect the power and    
DMX cables to the LM-KU1 block connector, then clip the LM-KU1 onto the wall. 
The LM-KU1 supports up to 5 Areas across 25 pages. This allows you to split up a room or a building and play up to 5 different scenes simultaneously. For example, you could have:
Area A: Control over the ambient lighting of a room, such as some single channel halogens
Area B: A subtle color changing effect playing on LED bars in the ceiling
Area C: Some static colors used on floor lighting
Area D: Control of the wall lighting
Area E: A global override which controls everything

The Ledmodea LM-KU1 includes an Ethernet network connector allowing you to connect your LM-KU1 to a Local Area Network (LAN). Once connected, the unit can be controlled from the LM-KU1 remote app or programmed using the Arcolis app for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.








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